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Process of manufacture of the vegetables powder

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Process of manufacture of the vegetables powder

We are showing a process of manufacture of the vegetables powder below.

 Step1: Crop

Crop We use all vegetables from West Japan for raw materials of the fine powder.
 Therefore, we can offer safe powder to the customer. A photograph is an Angelica keiskei field in Yamaguchi-shi. The vegetables which they are brought up carefully in this way, and were harvested become the fine powder.

Step2: Acceptance

Acceptance The vegetables have been sent to the Yamaguchi factory from the estate.

Step3: Trimming

Trimming We wash off the mud which attached to root crops neatly. We completely remove the damaged part of raw vegetables and the insect which attached.

Step4: Washing

Washing We wash vegetables in water continually while making bubbling in a water tank type alien substance removal device. We in this way completely remove garbage attaching to vegetables.

Step5: Cut

Cut We cut it to size suitable for dry processing using a slicer.

Step6: Sterilization and Primary dry processing

Sterilization We work to sterilize vegetable chips with superheated steam sterilization dryer. We developed these facilities in collaborative investigation with Professor Miyatake of Osaka Prefecture University.

Step7: Second dry processing

Second dry processing We dry vegetable chips with a hot-air drier again. And we do below the component water rate 8%.

Step8: Crush

Crush We pulverize dry vegetables with a current of air-type crusher.
 Vegetables particle clashes by a current of air and becomes particular to approximately 10 microns.

※ 10 microns is size same as a one-100th millimeter. It is the texture that melts when you put a particle of 10 microns on the tongue. In addition, the temperature of the vegetables particle does not rise because we crush vegetables by a current of air. Therefore, we can pulverize vegetables without breaking a nutrient to contain.

Step9: Inspection

Inspection 1 We inspect the general number of living bacteria and perform the inspection of the particle diameter.

Step10: Sorting and Packing

Packing We fill an aluminum bag while measuring completed powder. A heat seals an aluminum bag immediately after this and completely seals it up and prints the expiration date in an aluminum bag.

Step11: Inspection of the alien substance

Inspection of the alien substance We confirm that there is not the mixture of the alien substance with an X-ray check machine and a metal detection machine for exclusive use of the aluminum bag.

Step12: Completion

Product We send reliable safe vegetables powder to a customer in this way.


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