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Functional Chemical Enterprise

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 Functional Chemical Enterprise

Turbomill  Classifier

We produce color toners and sell them all over the world. Of course we developed them. You can use our color toners to recycle the toner cartridges of the printers and the copiers that of HP, Canon, RICOH, OKI, Xerox, Konica Minolta and others.

Fine grinding process

Fine grinding technology using extensive expertise and the latest equipment
Specifications and demands which were extremely strict with material processing came to be required recently by technical high progress. We have already had the results of trust processing more than 20 years while meeting these demands. We own necessary various grinders and a classifier and analyzers. And we adopt a grind condition, equipment in use, the best method including the applied technology depending on the demand of the customer. We get much trust and favorable receptions from a customer by a result of the past work. Because we have three factories, we can completely cope for the demand from a customer.


Selecting the optimum machine
At first we investigate the shape of raw materials and a melting point and physical properties such as the hardness. We confirm a standard required from a customer by a product afterwards. And we make use of the know-how that accumulated and process it. We make an effort for economical processing in high efficiency then by choosing the apparatus which is most suitable for processing from the latest facilities.  

Process Equipment
Mixing High-speed fluid mixing equipment, other models
Kneading Twin Screw Extruders of each size
Fine Grinding Jet type ultrafine grinder, Mechanical ultrafine grinder
Classification Mechanical classifier, Airstream type classifier
Conglobation Hot wind conglobation device


Research and development of the new technology
It is established as result of many examination studies the powders processing technique necessary for the production of new products makes full use of apparatus and measuring equipment for latest processing, and to carry out.

The quality control that is trusted
We make use of a technique accumulated by much trust production and perform severe process control. We promise to make quality control at a high level so that it is trusted by a customer.

Thorough confidentiality
We keep all confidential information with responsibility by thorough secret management. They include the intelligence that were offered to us from customers, and new technology that were developed through our process.
We need a mutual trust of customer and us to carry out the commissioned production.

Function advancement of the product
We raise functions and values that of the products by making full use of the latest powders processing technique such as mixture, fine grinding, the classification. Furthermore, we continue evolving by finding the new use of the product.

Macrophotograph of the toner

Fine grinding toner

Fine grinding toner We realized particle size 6μm in a fine grinding toner.

Conglobation toner

Conglobation toner We realized the quality that was equal to a polymerization toner.

Size of the color toner
We are showing a Particle size distribution map of color toner below.

Color Toner Particle size

Average particle diameter (D50%): 7.40μm



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