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Vegetables Fine Powder

Vegetables more for health!
Our eating habits became rich. However, people suffering from a lifestyle-related disease continue increasing now. It is said that one of these causes is lacking in the intake of vegetables, but it is thought that it is hard to take in enough vegetables with the factor in the modern lifestyle. Therefore, we utilized the company technology which we cultivated so far and we did it and wanted to send reliable safe Japanese product vegetables to powder and a tablet.
We sell the vegetables powder which crushed vegetables cultivated in West Japan. The nourishment such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers is included in them abundantly. You can easily take in the nourishment of vegetables usefully in a good balance. And they are the additive-free foods which are reliable by security for an infant. We continue a further study from now on and continue sending the food which can help the healthy increase of all of you.

Vegetables powder made in Mikasa
We make the products which were particular about “100% of raw materials from Japan” to send reliable food to a customer by security. We supply fresh vegetables of the outdoor culture as raw materials mainly from a contract farmhouse and process it in the factory for exclusive use of vegetables. We pulverize safe vegetables to a level of dozens of microns in a clean state there.

Advantage to pulverize vegetables

1. Digestion and absorption-related improvement
The vegetables improve digestion absorbency to the human body by pulverizing it because surface area becomes big. We discovered this in the collaborative investigation with Prefectural University of Kumamoto Faculty of Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences. We announced these findings in ” the 51st Annual Academic Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics” and “the 59th Kyushu-Okinawa Branch Meeting of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science”.

2. Texture of the different dimension by texture improvement
 Generally, average particle size 20-30 microns is said to be size caught as a drop with a tongue. Therefore the texture that totally melts on a tongue is provided when we pulverize it in average particle size 20 microns or less.

3. Natural beautiful color
Because our vegetables powder has very good familiarity with other material, they mix well. Therefore, you become able to hit a natural beautiful color with little consumption to a product when you use our vegetables powder as a natural pigment.

Terrine cookies

4. Size of the vegetables particle which we pulverized
We are showing a Particle size distribution map of the fine powder below.
(carrot powder)

 Particle size distribution map of Carrot powder

 Average particle diameter (D50%): 10.34μm


Characteristic of the powder product

 1. High preservation characteristics
We use aluminum and a laminating bag of the resin for our vegetables powder. This laminating bag is superior in great preservation characteristics to intercept oxygen, light, steam. Therefore, our vegetables powder is in an unopened state, and 2-year long-term safekeeping is possible.

2. Superior effectiveness
Because we adopt a zip in the opening a letter mouth of the bag, as for our vegetables powder, as for you, opening and shutting of the repetition is possible. Therefore, you can use vegetables powder in small quantities.

3. A variety of product size
We have entering 1 kg, entering 100 g, entering 40 g for duties use and retail use a lot. When you purchase it, please talk with us.

4. Product varieties

Vegetables powder Dehydrated vegetables

Spinach, Komatsuna, Angelica keiskei, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Carrot

Burdock, Lotus root, Purple sweet potato, Ginger, Sweet corn

Yuzu, Lemon, Germination unpolished rice, Black rice

Mugwort (*)

Pumpkin, Carrot, Burdock, Lotus root




 *Mugwort : particle diameter 500μm or less


Process of manufacture of the vegetables powder

We introduce the manufacturing process of vegetable powders made in Mikasa. Please click here.


We are always focused on food safety. Because of this, the Yamaguchi Factory was certified FSSC 22000 at September 28, 2015.
*FSSC 22000 : Food Safety System Certification 22000


What is FSSC 22000 certification?

“FSSC 22000 certified” indicates that the examination agency has confirmed that it is a factory with established management system to ensure food safety.
(Currently, over 15,000 organizations have acquired FSSC 22000 certification in over 140 countries.)
From this thing, We think that our products can be used more reliably to our customers.
By the way, ISO 22000 is known as certification concerning food safety assurance. The difference between ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 is that FSSC 22000 is a standard that stipulates stricter requirements in addition to ISO 22000 requirements.
These additional requirements for FSSC 22000 are prepared by the Food Safety Certification Foundation FFSC. It is decided by GFSI, a non-profit organization to which global distribution companies and food companies subscribe.

The following companies are representative participating companies to GFSI.
[Aeon (Japan), Wal-Mart (USA), Tesco (UK), McDonald's (US), The Coca-Cola Company (United States), Carrefour (France), Cargill (United States), Danone (France), others]

Contracted Manufacture

Our company crushes the food such as farm products by the request of the customer. When you expect a crush of the food, please talk with our salesperson.



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